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IMMOHAUS support you in your real estate project by proposing a wide range of services tailored to you, thus enabling you to realize the project of your life in the best conditions.

Estimate    (Free, confidential and fast)
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Our team of real estate professionals offers you to make a free estimate of your property
Based on a proven valuation method, we provide you with a price range that can be used as a starting point for the sale of your property. To get an estimation of your property, please click here

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We can help you to complete a loan application by evaluating your financing capacity, and we help also to make an appointment with our financing partners.

Through the selection of the houses, you can calculate beforehand your borrowing capacity and determine the rental yield of your investment by clicking on Simulator and then print the results as a report.
Home Stagging
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Regularly used in America during the sale of properties and started to be democratized in Luxembourg. The goal of home stagging is to better showcase a house, an apartment... in order to sell it quickly and easily. And of course at a better price.
Real estate Diagnostics
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To provide a comprehensive and an unbiased view of the property being offered for sale, the vendor must submit a record of compulsory real estate diagnostics including EPD (energy Performance diagnosis). Their number and nature vary according to the type of property, its year of construction and its geographical location.
In front of the notary, the EPD will be asked before signing any sales agreement. The diagnostics must be performed by a certified energy consultant. Please contact us if you need further information.
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We organize your relocation and installation, free of charge in one call
You will get a quote from the removal firm, including the rental of the Vehicle
If you wish to obtain an energy contract at reduced rates
A new internet contract or a contract relocation
An estimate for a home insurance through our partners
Real estate works
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If you want to carry out several works like:
- Construction
- Transformation
- Layout and arrangement
- Repair
- Maintenance
- Cleaning
- Demolition
If required, we make at your disposal all trades located around you.
360° Virtual tour
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Better than a video or photo, the aim of a virtual tour is undeniable. Indeed, without visiting physically, your potential customer makes a first visit, as if he were there. Ideal vector for real estate sale and for most individuals who choose the virtual tour to communicate have a feedback 3 or 5 times higher than a traditional advertisement.