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About us
Real estate, that‘ s not only surfaces in m2 and net sales price, but above all the Human and a lifetime project, where Immohaus comes into play to accomplish your goals in this passionate human adventure.

IMMOHAUS is an essential player in the real estate landscape and adapts to the expectations of customers who have evolved considerably in recent years, especially in the current economic context. Our customers want more responsiveness, availability, advice while negotiating prices at the lowest for some and at the highest for others. And our duty as a real estate advisor is to federate at a fair price reflecting the market price thus allowing each party to be satisfied.

To meet these needs, Immohaus offers a customized and professional service to guide you in your real estate transactions and thus make you benefit from our skills and expertise as follows:

- To keep you regularly informed of legislation and any essential information or evolution which may affect the interest of every parts
- Make you aware of the domestic and international market stance
- To advise you by providing you all information about your administrative process and your legal questions
- To support you in the tax and financial studies

For the seller:

- To inform you by notifying in real time the visits schedule
- To inform you objectively and as much as possible of the essential facts relative to each financing approach (Loan, Ways of payment, deadline…)
- Use appropriate and effective means of advertising to maximize the number of purchasers and guarantee an optimum conversion rate.

For the buyer:

- To inform you objectively and as much as possible of the essential facts relating to each property by means of comprehensive documentation, questions / answers
- Organization of visits
- Guarantee of impartiality in regards with offers and counter-proposition

And while promoting your legitimate interests with a duty of advice and absolute fidelity in the respect of your rights followed by the duty of professional discretion.